Music provided by the Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble with special guests and narration by Warren Oree


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    The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble bring Detroit and Memphis to the same musical destination: soul power. If you’ve “Heard It Through the Grapevine” while you were “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” then “Get Ready” for some “Respect” and more musical excitement. Click here for video 
  • MOTOWN MEETS JAZZ  “My Girl”, “Heat Wave”, “Stop in the Name of Love”. We all remember these and other popular Motown tunes that changed the musical landscape of R&B and American popular music. The Motown sound is known for its dynamic instrumentation, memorable beats, and exciting melodies.  Another example of homegrown American music  is Jazz! The music that continues to evolve and grow in so many directions.  Lifeline Music presents the union of these two musical genres by keeping the signature Motown musical “hooks” as a significant part of the presentation, while infusing the jazz style of solos and improvisation.  Together these two styles create a sound that propels and moves the listener to a place where memories stimulate and refresh.    “MOTOWN MEETS JAZZ” is a meeting we all want to attend!!!  See the video from a recent performance at Penn State Great Valley 


  • THE STORY OF JAZZ one of America’s most misunderstood and unappreciated musical art forms. Although jazz was born in Africa, it took its first step in New Orleans,  and came of age in New York, Philadelphia,  and Chicago. This presentation follows the development of jazz from its African roots to the various forms it has taken over the years including Duke Ellington’s Swing; Parker and Gillespie’s Be-Bop; Ornette Coleman’s avant garde and even dares to predict the future sounds of jazz. 
  • JOHN COLTRANE: THE MAN AND HIS MUSIC a presentation that goes beyond the biographical stats found in books and on the web. A musical narrative, a look inside the motivation, drive, and spiritual quest that propelled John Coltrane’s controversial musical direction that resulted in his legendary status as one of the greatest jazz saxophonists.
  • BILLIE HOLIDAY: STRANGE FRUIT BLESSED BY HER OWN TREE She was more than a singer, not only a vocalist –she was a song stylist.  She was a woman who made you feel each word, each phrase……she sang not from her heart, but out of her heart.  Eleanora Fagan—Ms. Billie Holiday to most, was someone who you could feel even before you heard her. LMC presents a narra-musical about one of the world’s most significant artists, Billie Holiday, or as sax great Lester Young dubbed her “Lady Day”. This program explores some of her more popular songs and reasons for composing / singing them. It also goes beyond the over-used theme of her drug abuse and destructive lifestyle and shares some in-depth views of who this “Lady Day” really was and how she continues to impact jazz and many other types of music down to the present day.
  • LEE MORGAN: PHILLY’S HARD BOP SOUND MACHINE one of the all time great jazz trumpeters, Lee Morgan style was piercing, strong, but not abrasive. Noted for his fiery, yet soulful rhythmic explorations, he was sought after at a young age by many of the greats including Dizzy Gillespie who he played with at age 18. This presentation focuses on his hard driving, whirlwind sound and parallels his life and his music up until his untimely death.
  • NEVER BACK DOWN: A JAZZ OPERA the story of a group of African-Americans in Christiana, PA, circa 1851 who chose to pursue liberty against formidable odds. They were led by a black man named William Parker. This opera focuses on Parker’s ability to mobilize people against the unjust Fugitive Slave Law Act of 1850. The story is told in a jazz format with original music, lyrics and libretto by Warren Oree –  the perfect music to reflect the intensity, passion,  and determination of this significant, yet ignored pivotal event in American history!!!
  • THE DRUMBEAT IS THE HEARTBEAT The value and significance of the drum throughout the history of jazz is explored in this musical workshop featuring three drummers, each representing an icon of jazz drumming: Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, and Max Roach.  Three distinct styles of drumming that reflect the many moods of jazz.  The program includes: solo drumming in the styles of each drummer; each drummer performing separately with the jazz band playing songs that were signature pieces for that particular drummer; all three drummers playing with the band, and the three playing a finale together. This program takes drumming away from the “back of the stage” and into the forefront of musical relevance.

Length of Programs: Approximately 90 minutes (including audience talk back) but can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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